There were four scheduled events during this hunt. Successful completion of the events gave currency which helped open puzzles sooner (which unfortunately, due to the technical difficulties in this hunt, teams were not able to see except for when the puzzles actually opened, but I hope you have fun anyway).

The Matrix

Teams sent two people to this event, and each person received either the grid part or the letter list part of a dropquote puzzle, with 32 puzzles in all. Extra pieces were randomly given to players. There was also a blank 32x32 grid presented a bit later during the event.

Having only half a dropquote made it apparent that people had to work together. First you had to find the other half of your dropquote using the pattern of black squares and numbers of letters, then solve the dropquotes. More in the solution.

The complete set of dropquote puzzles (already properly paired, but feel free to cut them apart and mix them up for the full solving experience) is here, and the blank grid is here. [GET THESE FROM GABBY.]

Escape from Mars

This was a virtual escape room. Teams received several puzzles [LINK], and there were also several relevant posters in the room [LINK]. When you solved these puzzles and the meta, you received a second set of puzzles [LINK] and access to another room representing Mars, which had other posters [LINK]. Upon solving enough of these puzzles, you received the final meta [LINK]. See solutions. [GET CONTENT FROM THE AUTHORS]

Trivia (please add correct name)

Teams sent to people to this event. There were six stations, each involving answering trivia from one of the categories of the original Trivial Pursuit game. At each station, your team had to get two right answers to complete the station and move on to another. But each station had a twist based on its category.

  • Geography: Players took turns trying to answer geography questions, but instead of saying the name of the country or U.S. state which was the answer to the question, they had to point to it among a set of face-down U.S. and world map jigsaw pieces.
  • Entertainment: Only one of the teammates was shown the question here. That player had to charade the answer to his or her partner, who could guess freely (watching the other players' partners if desired).
  • History: Players took turns answering questions. However, the answer that was considered correct was not the answer to the question just asked, but the answer to the third previous question (usually one asked to another player). The "correct" answers were given after each wrong answer to help players understand what was going on.
  • Arts & Literature: ??
  • Science and Nature: ??
  • Sports & Leisure: ??

When you and your teammate each got all 6 colored pie wedges, you were given the answer to this event, [please fill in]. The questions used were actual questions from Trivial Pursuit, so they are not printed here.

Node DevOps Challenge

The description of this event was: Prove your skill at building contraptions in the workshop. Bring two people with good spatial intuition and a knack for writing and following precise directions.